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Quote of The Day

Nike has the best quotes! Hope everyone is still running! Keep up
the work, I am going running saturday and sunday! 5k at the end of March.



How Running a 5k is Mentally Good

Have you ever wondered if running could help you get ride of that unwanted stress? Well, it can! Running is the only time you give yourself alone to think about whats been really on your mind. Running can help you shed 100 calories per mile and helps in lowering blood pressure by making the arteries stay elastic. Arties when you run expand and contrast as much as three times of a person sitting in a cubicle.
Regular runners are less likely to have bone and muscle loss. When you age bones can grow stronger and or be weaker depending on what you do. Active runner will be strong and flexible. Stress has two types of forms: acute and long-term. Actue stress is a fast and typically doesn’t last long. A cute stress is caused by anything little you are unexpecting. Body systems are negatvily affected by acute stress. Brain, heart, immune system, and digestice system all deal with whatever was triggered. Long-term stress (chronic)- is worse, heart works over time, immune system weakens, also sends fast to waistline. Arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and aging all get worse because of chronic stress. Regular runners, in studies, tend to be happier, more stress-free life,
FACT- ENDORPHINS – ” feel-good” hormones in the body, opioid chemical that is used to quell pain. Slows the aging process down, relieve stress and anxiety and enhance the immune system. While running you can releases these flood of these hormones.
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Up and running,

Healthy Eating!

Not only is healthy food good for a normal day but good for when you are training! Fruits and veggies will give you more power and nutrition than junk food. Make the right decision when it comes to food and soon it will
become a habit. Reminder* look good for spring break*